Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To be highly committed to leading the industry in honesty, safety, integrity and exceeding our customer's expectations. The company has developed and implemented an integrated Management system which ensures that we can meet our clients requirements on time, every time, from the initial stage through to project completion.



SHAFAQ is committed to meet its obligation of international quality  standard as well as local or regional requirements and be amongst the  top manufacturer of structural steel frames, griders, structural beams  and miscellaneous steel structures in the local and international  markets. In the regional perspective, our mission is to provide and  develop products and services to meet the needs and expectations of  our customers.

Our rigid quality assurance / control procedures are maintained and  implemented to the highest level of standard. This is in order to  ensure that the product quality services will meet the  stringent  requirements of our customers and their specifications. As we try to  position ourselves at the very heart of the gulf's steel industry, it  will serve its purpose in leading us to the right direction,  business-wise, on one hand and the development and management of our  human resource on the other. We have set-out our corporate visions,  goals and objectives, and in order to build and achieve them in  optimum time, each and every individual associated with the company to  possess work quality of the highest possible standards. It is our aim  to be experienced in our filed of expertise, showing flexibility,  innovation and possessing a positive approach to all our undertakings.  SHAFAQ is forging ahead to serve its purpose i.e., to be productive, a  pillar and a contributing factor to the growth and resiliency of the  gulf's highly competitive steel industry. This, in essence, is our  company tenet, driving principle and belief.